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Gayle Watkins
I was at the Oakland Children's Hospital for a few days with my 10-month old granddaugter who had cranial surgery. I did not want to leave her bedside so it was such a nice surprise when the social worker gave my husband and I each a bag of healthy goodies to tide us over until we could leave and get something to eat. It meant alot! Thank you so much and what a wonderful legacy for your daughter.
Caroline Spurgin
My son became ill while on vacation in Wyoming and was rushed to Chidren's Hospital in Denver, CO. We were there for 3 days. We received your snack bag on our second day. I can't express the love and comfort we felt knowing people cared enough to provide snacks for us during such a stressful time in out life. Thank you!
I am sorry for your loss. I am sure your daughter is proud of the work you are doing in her memory.
Sincerely, Caroline Spurgin
Karen Noble
I want to thank you so much for caring so much for parents struggling with a sick child in the hospital. My 17yr old daughter was in a dirt bike accident and had to have part of her pancreas and her spleen removed. When she was transferred back to kaiser Walnut Creek, I had seen some bags in the family break room but was not in a position that I needed one. But after two weeks in the hospital, my daughter was allowed to have bland food. The only thing she wanted was Cup of Noodle soup. Since my daughter would not let me leave her side since the accident, I wasn't sure when I could get a family member to bring one to the hospital. That is when her nurse said that she might have one. The nurse returned with one of your bags and inside was Cup of Noodle soup. That soup was the first food she enjoyed after not being allowed to eat for two very long weeks. Never seen anyone enjoy Cup of Nooble soup as much as my daughter did that day. I wanted to let you know how wonderful it felt to be able to give my daughter some so simple as Cup of Nooble soup. Thank You
Maya Nelson
I just wanted to send a note of thanks. My son was diagnosed with Lymphoma just a month and a half ago. We have spent more time in the hospital than at home. Sometimes he doesn't even feel like eating anything. The nurse mentioned Cheez-its and he perked up! I'm just happy to have him eat something. Thank you so much for your kindness. It is much appreciated.
Rachelle Cashion
A note of appreciation for the care bags you provide. We have twice been the recipients and both times were so thankful.

The first time was in September of 2010 when our daughter was first diagnosed with cancer. We were, as many have denoted here in the guest book, shocked beyond reality. The care bag came when we learned she was having a very extensive abdominal surgery to resect the tumor. The bag was a kind, genuine gift of care. We were at Santa Clara Kaiser at that time.

Now, almost three years later and two relapses, two more abdominal surgeries including the HIPEC procedure, four chemo regimes and radiation, we were shocked again as she is in hospital for her first ever "fever with neutropenia". Leaving home with little, I came with my daughter by ambulance to UCSF. After a long day, I was filling my water for the night when I saw the bag in the "family kitchen", and I instantly felt comfort and enjoyed my first meal of the day that started at 2 AM. It was Top Ramen noodles and they hasn't ever tasted better (last I recall eating them was my college days! :)

Thank you for the care bag and for finding such a wonderful way to "give back". I admire and hope to emulate it one day.

Tom Stafford
Hello! First off, let me say that I am so sorry about the loss of your beautiful daughter. I am writing this from Children's Hospital of Colorado in Denver. My daughter Delaney who has leukemia got to pick out a very cool blanket today along with receiving a snack bag from one of your volunteers. We saw the insert about the Network of Care and I had to write when I saw Oakley, CA on it. We used to live in Oakley and one of my best friends still lives in Antioch. Thank you for your beautiful service to others. I know when Delaney was diagnosed last month we at least got a head's up that we would probably be spending the night in the hospital (it ended up being a week), but I met another parent that literally had only the clothes on her back. I was a few days further along than she was so I went and asked the staff for a toothbrush for her and anything else they could spare. I don't know if she was able to benefit from the Network of Care or not, but it definitely shows that you guys are very much needed (and appreciated). Prayers for Delaney are definitely appreciated and you can follow her progress if you'd like at
Thanks so much for the goodie bag. My 17-year-old son has been through hell in the last month. Yesterday he had a heart procedure at UCSF and by the time he was able to eat the hospital cafeteria didn't have much of anything left. The little bag of food was much appreciated. He was really grateful for the healthy treats.
James Chunng
Thank you for the goodie bag! We have spent many days and nights at the Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose. But this is the first time I discovered this precious bag of kindness.

We are on our 3rd night here in the ICU. Keep up the great work!!!
Stacey Mordinoia
We spent over a week at UCSF with my 2 month old grandson and his parents while he had open heart surgery. . We received 2 of your food bags and when I read the insert it touched me so.
What a wonderful legacy you have created for your daughter.
God Bless you.
Stacey Mordinoia and family
Marla Levy
I just gave birth to my daughter Skye at UCSF and she had been admitted to the NICU immediately following her birth.. I was discharged last night from my room, and ate my last meal. Through the night, I nursed her every three hours while sleeping on the chair next to her. I did not bring my wallet to the hospital, since I was asked to leave all valuables at home. My husband could not get to the hospital until late this evening, leaving me with no money to get anything to eat. By 12 noon today, I was in tears, so hungry and weak I could not even think straight or stand up. I mentioned to my nurse that I had not eaten in over 18 hours and she gasped in shock. She quickly ran and gave me one of your food care packs, which I devoured. There are no words to thank you for your generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness. It made all of the difference in my world today, thank you for what you do. You truly make a HUGE difference in peoples lives.
Rene K.
Thank you so much for the meal bag. My daughter was hospitalized for a severe migraine and I was there with her 24 hours. The cafe was so expensive, and the bag was a welcome surprise when we got back to the room from an mri. You really made my day. thanks again!

Your cause and concern let me realise that this world is full of some very good people. On 6th July,2010 my baby boy got sick and we rushed to Fremont Kaiser ER , then transported to Kaiser Hayward Medical Center Pediatrics to get him admitted. We reached there at 3 am completely exhausted and stressed out. The nurse handed the snack packets. Not only this filled our stomachs but our eyes too. I can understand what your family had to go through but you still made your life more meaningful. Me and my husband thank you with our hearts and will definitely get back soon for some contribution.We are also sorry for your loss. Your daughter would be really proud of you.
Cynthia Ramirez
My son & I spent 3wks @ Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital & recieved 1 of the snack bags. I saved the letter that came inside, so that 1 day i could thank you & to see if there was anyway i could help. Im sorry for your loss.

I would like you to know your greatly appreciated for what you do..

Thank You
Our 18 month old son was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve after an Asthma attack. We spent all of Christmas Day in the hospital and that afternoon, I opened the bag of goodies & read the note. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for all you do.
Dorothy Barker
My son William Barker was critically injured in a football game on 10/23/2009 and I was summoned to the hospital around midnight. I was completely clueless as to ho severe his injury was and ofcourse had no thought of bringing something to eat or even a purse. So being offered your care bag was truly a blessing on the many nights we are and will spend in the ICU waiting for him to get better. So thank you and all those who support your cause.

The Barker Family
We want to thank you and your wonderful orginization.

Last Saturday, my husband called me at work (Noon) to say our oldest daughter was being admitted to Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara. This was not expected, as just one week prior my husband had a heart attack and was also hospitalized there. By 1920 Hours, she was taken to Pediatrics and I was there for the next 5 days. On Sunday and then Wednesday your volunteers came by with a goodie bag. This brought a smile to our faces and we traded off items in the bag to each other. I want to say a very big THANK YOU! The Cup of Noodles was my daughters while I ate the cookies. I never was able to get the canteen machine (in the basement) to take a $5.00 bill. It rejected it eacjh time and I had no other money so I had had nothing to eat since the Saturday before. Again thank you for your wonderful gift, Dee
Anita Ornelas
On 2/18/08 my son Francisco was admitted to John Muir Medical Center in WC. We were at the urgent care the night before.

The hospital admitted him that morning. My husband was at work. When we received the snacks and drinks it meant so much to me I started to cry. After reading your story I kept the paper with me so I could send a thank you to your family.

We thank you again for your kindness.

The Ornelas Family
Robbin Lagorio
I just want to thank the Frazier Family

I took my 19 month baby to a doctors appointment that she had because she was sick, and the DR. admited her to the hospital. I was at the doctors all day And then at San Joaquin General all day and evening I had nothing to eat all day . The nurse gave me a bag of food and told me of your organization. My Daughter and I shared the bag. It was Wonderful Thank You so much. I will be telling other people about it. Too make a long story short my daughter stayed 2 days and every thing was fine. I think that it is a great organization.
I was very touched by the gifts you so thoughtful provided. My son is 9 years old and has very sever seizers. We arrived the hospital via ambulance code 3. We spend many hours in the ER and then were admitted and he had seizers although the night. They gave him mass amounts of drugs to stop the seizers. I was alone and could not leave his bed side when the nurse came in with the bag of goodies.

Thank you all so much for our blessing.

Tony and Amy Castill
Our daughter recently had heart surgery at LPCH ten days ago, so we are here around the clock to watch over her a she recovers. We are staying at the Ronald McDonal House at Stanford, so most morning we grab something to go so that we can be at our daughters bedside and not have to worry about where to get something to eat. We are so grateful for the food you have donated to the Ronald McDonald house its one less burden for us to have to worry about.

Your genours support helps out so many families and I know our family is greatful.


Tony and Amy Castillo
April Nunes
Jim, Janet & Linds...

I am so very proud of you all, and think of you daily. You all are making a huge difference in the community, the bay area, the state, the nation... and I am sure, soon, the world!

Stephanie will always be remembered... through all of you, is how she still lives!

Love you - xoxo
Hello Frazier family,

My name is Andrea and I attended High School with Stephanie. She was the first new person I met on my first day of Freshman year. She was so friendly and we instantly became buddies in our p.e. class we shared. Over the years we saw eachother around school and had shared friends. She was always someone I knew I would never forget from high school. Her spunk and no non-sense attitude was one of the things I most admired.

In 2005, unfortunately, I first found out about her passing. I saw the Jefferson Award special on CBS5 news and I was in utter shock. I moved away from the Oakley/Brentwood area just a couple months before her passing so I guess that interfered with me hearing of the devastating news.

My heart goes out to your family and I think about Stephanie often. Especially now since our 10 year high school reunion plans are in full swing.

On behalf of everyone in the graduating class of 1998, I wish to give you our very belated condolences as well as thank you for allowing her memory to live in such a wonderful and helpful organization.


Andrea Smith (George)
Janeen Malatesta
I just wanted to say thank you so much. My daughter had surgery at San Francisco Kaiser two weeks ago. She (and we) would have had to wait much longer to eat withour your help since her food tray was missing and, as it was, since she is a picky four-year-old she preferred the snack bags to the tray! :) Also, we almost lost her two years ago and I cannot express what reading your words meant to myself and her grandmother, my mom--your family is inspirational!
Lindsey Frazier
Mom and Dad,

I am so proud of you both for all your hard work to make this organization helpful to individuals as well as the community. You are the best! Love you!