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Hospital Testimonials

“In a time of high stress, with the admission of a child, the last thing that comes to a frantic parent’s mind is their own basic needs. And one of those basic needs is food. It is at that time that a nurse can provide some basic food at no cost to the hospital or the family. This may seem like such a small thing, but that small token of friendship, of reaching out to a family, can mean the difference between a parent being able to stay at the bedside of their ill child, and having to leave to tend to that basic need. The stress relief to a parent is immense. The nurse who is caring for their child also feels that in the face of a negative situation there is some positive that they can deliver to the parents.”  -Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

“Frequently our patients are admitted to the hospital late in the evening or at night after many hours in the clinics or emergency department. The parents have been with their children throughout those hours and frequently have not had anything to eat since early in the morning. Some of our families live quite a distance from the hospital and don’t have the resources to be able to eat in the restaurants for an extended period of time.” -Kaiser Medical Center, Walnut Creek

The food resources provided by Network of Care continue to an invaluable resource to the families that are served at Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. Many of our families who have hospitalized children for extended periods of time have come to recognize the “purple bags” and their response tor receiving this great resource continues to be very positive.         The Medical Social Services department really values the priority that the Network of Care has given to providing and personally delivering the bags for our social workers to distribute.         The Network of Care continues to provide an extremely helpful resource to our parents during a stressful time in their lives. We as a department value their contributions and incredible                                                                                 commitment to our families.  -Children’s Hospital, Oakland

Personal Testimonials

“I just wanted to tell you that I got one of The Network of Care snacks to comfort families, and when I read the note inside I noticed that our stories were a lot alike in many ways. I was at the hospital with my 5-month-old baby girl who was air flown after receiving brain trauma, after having to drive about 8 hours to get to her. I had nothing and was scared, worried and hungry, and then, not long after arriving here, I found out my baby girl was not going to survive and that there was nothing they could do to help her. My life felt like it was over. I got to the Family House and saw The Network of Care bags and grabbed one—let me say it made me feel better. I want to thank you very much.” -Love, Genie

“My participation with the “The Network of Care” started in 2005 when my sister asked me if I would like to join her in volunteering.  She had read about Stephanie Frazier and her family’s moving story dealing with her death and her sister Lindsey’s recovery.  I’ve always felt that you get so much more in return when you give of yourself.  Families that are unexpectedly struck with illness or tragedy are helped in a small way at a time when they most need it.  Our small act of kindness goes such a long way.  We deliver food bags to Kaiser Hospital Pediatric Department every 3-4 weeks and are always warmly welcomed.  There is a silent joy in doing my part to pay it forward”.  -Nancy Quintel

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 6 years since I first read the article in the paper regarding The Fraziers and what had happened to their daughters and how it had affected all of  their lives.  I was so moved and touched by the article and felt that how they were giving back to others in Stephanie’s honor was so fantastic and worthwhile.  I was able to contact them and immediately got involved.  Since then I have been delivering the snack bags to Hayward Kaiser and Washington Hospital and often pack the bags and help in whatever way I can.  It is incredibly rewarding to see the response of the nurses that we continue to get, when we bring in new bags. They often tell us how much the bags mean to the parents and how much they personally appreciate the opportunity to supply the parents with the bags.  It just feels great to be involved in such a worthwhile charity.” -Becky Wittmer

“I first learned about the Network of Care in March of 2004.  Janet Frazier was featured in the Contra Costa Times Monday Profile.  The story touched me in a very profound way.  I couldn’t imagine enduring the loss of a child so unexpectedly and was so impressed by how this family turned a tragedy around and placed all their energies into such a positive force.  I contacted the journalist and asked that she forward my email to the Frazier family.  I wanted to be a part of this effort. It was such a simple way to anonymously make a difference in the lives of others when their only concern is for their child.   At the time I didn’t realize that I was the first volunteer to come forward, what an honor that has been, I’ve never looked back.  I deliver to Oakland Children’s hospital twice a month, feeding 250 families with hospitalized children as well as supporting The Network of Care administratively.  Our network has touched the lives of over 80,000 families since it’s inception in March of 2004.”  -Mary Mix

“Hello Ms. Frazier.  My name is Melissa Smith.  My son was recently at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center.  It was a tiring, but surprisingly pleasant experience.  He was only there for 2 days, but the donation of snacks for us (the parents) was appreciated.  We stayed by his side, and without realizing it, missed a few meals.  That is one thing that I appreciate about care in Contra Costa County; the compassion. Contra Costa County has some very caring individuals, and it is not unnoticed.  Again, thank you for your donation to our family, who was in need.” -Melissa Smith

“Dear Frazier Family,

Thanks so much for providing the snacks at the Kaiser Hospital in Oakland for our family when our 13-year-old daughter was hospitalized unexpectedly.
We have made a donation to The Stephanie Marie Frazier Memorial Fund and hope your network can continue to provide such a wonderful service to those families in need.” -The Jaffe Family

“I wanted to write to say thank you.  I had to bring our 1-year-old son to the ER (Kaiser Redwood City) in the middle of the night because he was struggling to breath.  After several hours he was admitted, and we spent the night in Pediatrics.  My husband was at home with our daughter, so I was left by myself with a frightened son that was hooked up to all kinds of machines as well as an IV.  It was near impossible just to get to the bathroom.  

I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the bag of snacks.  Without it I would not have eaten and it made all the difference.  Thank you so much!  

I look forward to donating both time and money in the future to such a worthwhile and meaningful cause.” -Catherine Campbell

“I was very touched by the gifts you so thoughtfully provided. My son is 9 years old and has very severe seizers. We arrived at the hospital via ambulance code 3. We spent many hours in the ER and then were admitted. He had seizures all through the night and was given mass amounts of drugs to stop them. I was alone and could not leave his bedside when the nurse came in with the bag of goodies. Thank you all so much for our blessing.” -Tammy

“Our daughter recently had heart surgery at LPCH, so we are here around the clock to watch over her a she recovered. We were staying at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, so most mornings we grabbed something to go so that we can be at our daughter’s bedside and not have to worry about where to get something to eat.  We are so grateful for the food you have donated to the Ronald McDonald House –it’s one less burden for us to have to worry about. Your generous support helps out so many families and I know our family is grateful. I just wanted to say thank you so much.  My daughter had surgery at San Francisco Kaiser two weeks ago.  She (and we) would have had to wait much longer to eat without your help since her food tray was missing and, as it was, since she is a picky four-year-old she preferred the snack bags to the tray! Also, we almost lost her two years ago and I cannot express what reading your words meant to myself and her grandmother, my mom–your family is inspirational!”

“Unbelievable you could do something – no one has ever been so nice.
I have been so lost. Phone call from parent of 2 week old daughter” -San Diego Children’s Hospital

“On 2/18/08 my son Francisco was admitted to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.  We were at the urgent care the night before. The hospital admitted him that morning.  My husband was at work. When we received the snacks and drinks it meant so much to me I started to cry.  After reading your story I kept the paper with me so I could send a thank you to your family. We thank you again for your kindness.” -The Ornelas Family

“I just want to thank the Frazier Family. I took my 19-month-old baby to a doctor appointment that she had because she was sick, and the doctor admitted her to the hospital.  I was at the doctor’s all day, and then at San Joaquin General all day and evening. I had nothing to eat the whole time. The nurse gave me a bag of food and told me of your organization. My daughter and I shared the bag. It was wonderful. Thank you so much.  I will be telling other people about it. To make a long story short my daughter stayed 2 days and everything was fine.  I think that this is a great organization.” -Robbin

“Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the meal that you donated to the hospital. My 15-year-old son had surgery in Walnut Creek Kaiser on December 18, 2007. It was 10:00 at night when we were finally settled into his room after a long day. I was so hungry and exhausted, and of course the cafeteria was closed. The nurse gave me one of your bags, and it was the absolute BEST Cup of Noodles I have had! I was so grateful that I did not have to leave his side to find a vending machine. His surgery was planned, but I did not think ahead to bring any food for myself. While he was in surgery, I could not leave the waiting room to grab a bite to eat because I was scared that if anything were to happen I would not be there. The food was very much appreciated. I was also touched by the story of your family, and how you are helping strangers in a time of need. I am interested in volunteering to help you with this if you could use another hand. Thank you again for your kindness.”  -Daniela Fonseca

“To The Network of Care: Our 18-month-old son was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve after an Asthma attack.  We spent all of Christmas Day in the hospital and that afternoon, I opened the bag of goodies & read the note.  It brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for all that you do.”

“My son was critically injured in a football game on 10/23/2009 and I was summoned to the hospital around midnight.  I was completely clueless as to how severe his injury was and, of course, had no thought of bringing something to eat or even a purse.  Being offered your care bag was truly a blessing on the many nights have spent and will continue to spend in the ICU waiting for him to get better.  So thank you and all those who support your cause.”

“We want to thank you and your wonderful organization. Last Saturday, my husband called me at work at noon to say our oldest daughter was being admitted to Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara. This was not expected, as just one week prior my husband had a heart attack and was also hospitalized there. By 19:20 Hours, she was taken to Pediatrics and I was there for the next 5 days. On Sunday and then Wednesday your volunteers came by with a goodie bag. This brought a smile to our faces and we traded off items in the bag to each other. I want to say a very big THANK YOU! The Cup of Noodles was my daughter’s while I ate the cookies. I never was able to get the canteen machine (in the basement) to take a $5.00 bill. It rejected it each time and I had no other money so I had had nothing to eat since the Saturday before. Again thank you for your wonderful gift.” –Dee

“A year after I lost my sixteen-year-old son to a kind of bone cancer called osteosarcoma, I read an article about The Network Of Care in The Chronicle. Daniel was diagnosed in 1998 when he was eleven and died in 2003. In the five and a half years between those times, he spent more than six hundred nights in the hospital. His father or I were with him at all times. Most of the time Daniel was too sick to tolerate the smell of food in his room, so we tried to pack foods for ourselves that did not make him feel nauseated. Many times we forgot to bring something to eat or didn’t have time to go shopping, and would often go without a meal because there was nothing available. When I learned about The Network of Care, I immediately knew that it could be a tremendous help to families with children in the hospital. I contacted the Volunteer Coordinator, Mary Mix, and we talked about how we could support the Children’s Hospital Family House. Family House provides housing for families who live too far away to commute to the hospital. Every week since then I have delivered bags of food to the Family.  I have been volunteering for The Network of Care for almost seven years.   I am very grateful to be a part of this organization and only wish that they had been around when we were spending so much time in the hospital.” -Robyn Papanek