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March 26, 2012

OAKLEY—Eleven years ago, Jim and Janet Frazier were summoned to a hospital near Sacramento to hear that their daughter Lindsey was in critical condition, the victim of a car crash, and that her older sister Stephanie had not survived. So began the longest night of their lives, trying to take in the loss of one child and keeping a vigil over their critically injured daughter in the trauma unit.

Hours into the night, Janet stood up and almost collapsed.  Hours of terror, grief and a complete lack of food and water had taken their toll.  A nurse brought out her own brown bag sandwich, and gave it to Janet, which gave her much-needed sustenance and something else as well—a feeling of connection from this simple act of sharing.

In the months that followed that night, with daughter Lindsey back home and on the mend, Jim and Janet determined to start a program to supply other families with support and that sense of connection—in this case, a meal or snacks in a bag—while they were at the bedside of a sick or injured child.  In 2004, they launched The Network of Care, which distributed bags of food items to families whose children were in the hospital at Kaiser in Walnut Creek.  This month, the group, now a network of volunteers serving hospitals all over Northern California, San Diego and Denver, delivered their 100,000th bag.

One mother wrote:  “I wanted to write to say thank you. I had to bring our one-year-old son to the ER in the middle of the night because he was struggling to breathe.  After several hours, he was admitted and we spent the night in Pediatrics.  My husband was at home with our daughter, so I was left by myself with a frightened son who was hooked up to all kinds of machines as well as an IV.  It was nearly impossible just to leave him long enough to get to the bathroom.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the bag of snacks.  Without it, I would not have eaten, and it made all the difference.”

Along the way, The Network of Care has been recognized by Oakland Children’s Hospital, the Rady Children’s Hospital, Threads of Hope in Contra Costa, and received a national Jefferson Award for public service.

Their mission stays the same:  to deliver nourishing bags of snacks and meals to pediatric units, ICU nurseries and trauma centers.  For families who lack the time, energy or presence of mind to look after their own needs while they are focused on their children, The Network of Care provides not just food but a lifeline of strength, support and comfort.

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The Network of Care Serves Its 50,000th Meal: Non-Profit surpasses its goal of helping families in need

CONTACT: Mary Mix (925) 831-1784

December 20, 2009

(Oakley, Calif.) —The Network of Care, a program of the Stephanie Marie Frazier Memorial Foundation recently passed the significant milestone of having fed 50,000 families of children in hospitals. The non-profit organization has steadily increased the number of families it has served since its inception in 2004. “Our wish is that we would never have to help feed anyone, but we know the reality is that everyday new families, traumatized by crisis, enter hospitals, unprepared for what awaits them. Jim and I have always felt that if we could provide the same level of comfort that was provided to us, on a larger scale, we would have made this world a better place”, said Janet Frazier, co-founder of The Network of Care. Starting with 1 hospital in 2004, the network has grown to 43 hospitals throughout California and includes 1 hospital in Denver. These hospitals include numerous Children’s Hospitals, Family Houses, Community Hospitals and provide valuable services to pediatric units, neonatal intensive care nurseries, pediatrics oncology, intensive care and trauma units. “We are extremely proud to have eclipsed 50,000 families served. Our volunteers give up so much time and personal expense to deliver these meals, and it means even more during difficult economic times” Frazier said. The Network of Care was established to preserve the memory of Stephanie Marie Frazier, who lost her life in an automobile accident at the age of 20. The Network of Care’s mission is to provide meals to help families in crisis when their child is suddenly hospitalized. These families do not have the time, energy, or presence of mind to look after their own needs while they worry about their child, so our Network provides for them while they are unable to do so for themselves. Our Network helps them devote more attention to their child.


Senator Tom Torlakson Names Janet Frazier Woman of the Year

California State Senate: Senator Tom Torlakson

CONTACT: Gloria Omania (925) 602-6593

February 28,2007

SACRAMENTO-Senator Tom Torlakson has named Janet Frazier, the co-founder The Network of Care Program and the Stephanie Marie Frazier Memorial Foundation, as the “Woman of the Year” for the Seventh Senate District. The State Senate will honor Frazier during ceremonies at the State Capitol on Monday, March 5.

The Stephanie Marie Frazier Memorial Foundation sponsors The Network of Care program. Network of Care volunteers assemble packages of non-perishable foods and distribute them in local hospitals to families of unexpectedly hospitalized children. These packages provide strength, support, and comfort to family members keeping vigil over a hospitalized child.

“I am inspired by Janet Frazier’s ability to build an invaluable community resource in the wake of a family tragedy,” said Senator Torlakson, D-Antioch. “Their focus on helping families who are keeping vigil over a child who has been unexpectedly hospitalized has addressed a need that few people consider until they find themselves in a similar situation. Janet has worked with her husband Jim to make our community a better place for parents and children.”

Janet, an Oakley resident, helped to create The Network of Care in the wake of a family tragedy. On December 6th ,2000, ]anet, and her husband Jim, learned that their two daughters were involved in a horrible automobile accident on Highway 50 in El Dorado County. Their oldest daughter Stephanie (for whom the Stephanie Marie Frazier Memorial Foundation is named) was killed in the accident. Their other daughter, Lindsey, was critically injured. While grieving over Stephanie’s death and keeping vigil during Lindsey’s operation, Janet and Jim were not finding the time to eat and were becoming physically weak themselves. A nurse offered them part of her dinner, and this kind act inspired Janet and Jim to work together to found an organization, The Network of Care, to help families facing similar circumstances.

The Network of Care continues to grow and now provides care packages to families in need at 31 hospitals. In recognition of their vision, Janet and Jim Frazier were awarded a 2005 Bay Area Jefferson Award for Public Service.

Since their daughters’ accident Janet and Jim have also been tireless advocates for safety improvements for the section of Highway 50 where the accident occurred. They have worked with Senator Torlakson, Senator Dave Cox (R-Fair Oaks), and the California Department of Transportation to ensure safety improvements were made to the highway.

The Woman of the Year ceremonies in the State Capitol will include a presentation on the floor of the State Senate and a breakfast reception with Lt. Govemor John Garamendi.

The 40 members of the state Senate and the 80 members of the Assembly each select a Woman of the Year to recognize those who have contributed time and energy to community causes. Torlakson represents the Seventh Senate District, which includes most of Contra Costa County.