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The Network of Care program is a program of The Stephanie Frazier Memorial Foundation, a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The foundation relies completely on donations from the community and a caring group of volunteers.

Volunteers put together bags of non-perishable foods and distribute them to community hospitals with pediatric wards. Nurses and social workers hand them out to families whose child has been suddenly hospitalized. The gift of food provides strength, support and comfort to families under an extreme circumstance.

Large Meal Bags: Designed for families that have been or are going to be at the hospital for a longer period of time. The bag has enough food to sustain a small family through one meal. A typical Bag includes: cup of noodles, ravioli or stew type of item that is microwaveable, granola bars, Jello and/or fruit cups, cookies and crackers, and utensils.

Small Snack Bag: The smaller bags are designed for parents who may just need some snacks while they are waiting to speak to their child’s doctor before they can visit the cafeteria.