Our Story

On December 16, 2000, my life changed.  My daughters, Stephanie (age 20) and Lindsey (age 17) were involved in a tragic car accident. I frantically drove to the hospital, leaving with only the clothes on my back.

My oldest daughter Stephanie did not survive the accident; my youngest daughter Lindsey was in critical condition. 

It was an endless day and night for me. Sometime in the darkness, I rose from my chair to check on Lindsey and nearly fainted.

A kind nurse asked when I had last eaten and I certainly could not remember. All I had inside was grief and worry. Since the cafeteria was closed and I did not want to leave Lindsey’s side, the kind nurse shared her sandwich with me, which gave me the physical strength I needed.

I think of those first hours and the nurse who did something so small, yet so meaningful. That simple Act of Kindness made all the difference in the world to me, knowing there are people that care.

The foundation was established in Stephanie’s memory to support others in their time of need. We operate exclusively on donations. Our caring network of volunteers purchases the food items, then fill and deliver the bags to the hospitals in our network. Lindsey has recovered from her injuries and is very involved in this cause.     

Janet Frazier