“Women Making Herstory” Ceremony at Capitol

Janet Frazier Honored in “Women Making Herstory” Ceremony at Capitol

She has dedicated herself to supporting women and families with children in hospitals

SACRAMENTO – Concord resident Janet Frazier has dedicated years to supporting women and families with children in hospitals. Her strength to help others came from her own tragedy, when she lost one daughter in an automobile accident while tending to a second recovering in the hospital.

For the time and compassion she has offered to others, Frazier was honored this week by Senator Steve Glazer as his 7th District honoree in a State Capitol ceremony for “Women Making Herstory.”

Janet founded The Network of Care, a non-profit that feeds families of children in hospitals. Janet is also a co-founder of Our Healing Hearts, which supports women who have lost children.

“It was a special moment for me to honor Janet at the Capitol,” said Glazer, D-Contra Costa. “She has put her heart and soul into her life projects to offer care and support for women and families who have lost children or are worrying about them as they lay in hospital beds.”

Janet said she was honored to be recognized by Senator Glazer and to be a part of an event that showcases women’s accomplishments across many fields.

“The ceremony at the State Capitol was filled with amazing women, whose passion, dedication and perseverance are making a difference in the lives of others,” Janet said. “It was so inspiring to be among women with truly unique stories about the impact they are having on so many people.”

After losing one daughter to a car accident and keeping vigil by her surviving daughter’s hospital bedside, Janet almost fainted because she hadn’t eaten for so long during that time of grief and

stress. A kind nurse shared her sandwich and gave Janet the strength she needed to get through that time and her act of kindness was not forgotten.

It prompted Janet to create The Network of Care to provide meals to families who face a situation like hers. Since 2004, The Network of Care has fed more than 340,000 families of critically ill children with the gift of food in more than 58 hospitals in 15 counties throughout the state. The Network of Care has also partnered with local high schools in Brentwood and Antioch to allow students in special education classes to help with the assembly of the bags as part of their vocational skills program. Janet and all of The Network of Care staff are volunteers.

The Network of Care can be found on Twitter @TNOCforfamilies and online at www.thenetworkofcare.org.

Our Healing Hearts hosts monthly support groups for women grieving the loss of a child. The group meets with moms individually and hosts an annual candlelight ceremony in remembrance of their children.

Janet Frazier retired from Chevron after 41 years, and she lives in Concord with her life partner Brendon.

Winners of what was previously known as the Woman of the Year award for the 7th Senate District were:

  • 2022 – Susun Kim, Executive Director of Family Justice Center
  • 2021 – Lavonna Martin, Director of Health, Housing, & Homeless Services for ContraCosta County Health Services
  • 2020 – Valerie Ariosto, 2020 Olympian Softball, Pleasanton
  • 2019 – Margaret Liang, President Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs TriValley Chapter, Dublin
  • 2018 – Alissa Friedman, President/CEO Opportunity Junction, Antioch